It started with this damn books…(Just in case you have writer blocks)

I’m not the kind of person who writes by the rule. I’m not the kind of person who writes base on structure or template. It is not for me. Although I’m trying hard. I feel that writing a copy base on template or structure is limiting my creativity.

It made me feel like a robot. First you do this, second, you do that, third do this again and then do this final damn thing. Yes, I agreed. It makes my life easy. But I felt lost. It is hard to explain. Ok, let just said that it is not me who writing it.

So what should I do? What is the method to write copy that suits me? Where can I find this kind of information? Who can tell me? Who is the writer that has the same thinking?

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Why I Bought These 3 Things?

This question was brought by a few friends in facebook. Everybody tried to figure out. By knowing why people buy, the message will deliver more effectively. (that’s what they said) But the question makes me think about these 3 things I bought.

First, why I bought a counterclockwise watch? It looks awesome actually. Not very expensive. The first thing that crosses my mind is that it’s rare. Hard to find. And make me feel good. My friend will notice it. Ask question. Then I just showed off!

Second is the yellow striking sports shoes. Yes, it’s yellow. (please don’t laugh). I’m at Tesco. My wife asked me to buy groceries. Then I spotted this shoe with discount. I walked there, hold it and check the price. Quite cheap.

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Learning Copywriting Fundamental is Pain! But It’s Worth It.

I read many books on copywriting. I learned many steps. Also, guru used to teach me to use the template. It’s awesome. I wrote it smoothly. Started from the headline to the first paragraph. Guru said put problem in your headline. Then emphasize it in your first paragraph.

Now I’m ready to launch ads. Then I wait. Waiting for the feedback. Waiting for the sale coming in. One day, two days, three days, four days and then we run out of money. Nothing happen.

Then I checked again. What when wrong. Guru said to change the headline. The step has been told at the seminar. Take action on it. Oh! Yes. I started all over again and run the ads again. Wait again. Still, nothing happen.

I went back to Guru. Crying. Told him what happen. The Guru checked my ads then advice, “Now you need personal coaching. You need to know fundamentals. It is only $2000.”

What the hell is missing here?

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Do You Answer Your Audiences Questions?

If you selling online, how do you crafted your message? How do you crafted message so people will noticed? Or, how do you tell your product message to your audiences? Quite tough questions isn’t it?

If you want audiences to notice your present, you need to answer these questions.  It should answered the audiences questions. Then the right message will hit your audiences mind.

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