Why I Bought These 3 Things?

This question was brought by a few friends in facebook. Everybody tried to figure out. By knowing why people buy, the message will deliver more effectively. (that’s what they said) But the question makes me think about these 3 things I bought.

First, why I bought a counterclockwise watch? It looks awesome actually. Not very expensive. The first thing that crosses my mind is that it’s rare. Hard to find. And make me feel good. My friend will notice it. Ask question. Then I just showed off!

Second is the yellow striking sports shoes. Yes, it’s yellow. (please don’t laugh). I’m at Tesco. My wife asked me to buy groceries. Then I spotted this shoe with discount. I walked there, hold it and check the price. Quite cheap.

I asked salesgirl that I never heard this brand. She said, “Oh! this brand is famous in the UK”. I said, “Wow!”. This lead to my mind that, nobody, maybe nobody wears it here. I’m the first to wear it. So I will brag about it. Again I feel extremely proud. (yes I bought that shoe also).

The third thing I bought was a long sleeve Chicanos button shirt. A few years ago, I worked as an engineer at a construction site. I love working at the site. Very challenging. One day, project manager came for a site visit.

He is wearing jeans and long sleeves Chicanos button shirt. Tuck in with safety helmet and boot. He looks so stylish. They way he dressing impressed me. I talked to myself that I need to look like him. So my co-workers or client especially ladies would impress.

Argh! Yes, I bought that too. Not one. Two actually. And I feel good. ( Except my wife. She doesn’t like it. Please don’t ask me why).

The lesson here, I guess, people buying because they feel good? Social approval? Status?

So, what do you think?

Image credit to Jeremy Bishop


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