​I becomes a Writer Because of My 10 Years Old Son

My 10 years old son texted me. I ignored him. Since I’m in the middle of doing something. Ok, not just doing something. I’m having a meeting. He kept texting me. I’m quite disturbed you know. I’m trying to make excuse. Lucky me.

My boss asked  us to take a break for 5 minutes. I went out and immediately read the messages.

“Hi dad, guess what? I just received cheque $30 for my short story”.

“Wow! Congratulations. Good job”, I said. Then I continued, “Hey listen, dad having a meeting here, catch up with you later. Love you”.

The news made me wonder. How he did it. I don’t know he likes to write. Now I cannot concentrate on the meeting. My mind keeps pondering. I need to go home asking him. How he did it? 

How come I didn’t notice his talent? He is the writer now. I need to go home. Then I received another message, “Ok, dad. Come home early. I want to show you. This is my third short story published”.

“What the……?”

Around 8.30 p.m, I arrived home. I open the door, went straight to my room. Nobody there. I called my wife.

“Oh! We just finished dinner. I brought Haziq to eat. Celebrating his third short stories published. He can’t wait to show you the story”.

I said, “Ok”.

After taking a bath, I went downstair. I sat on my favorite chair and start to watch television. I need a rest a bit.

Then I noticed a magazine on the table. I pick it up and start to read. I thought this is the magazine. I check the content and found the name. “I am Trishaw”, wrote by Haziq. I read it.

‘ Oh! He is good’, I said. I felt quite touching. How come I didn’t know my son is a writer. I read a second magazine. Another story was written by Haziq with the title “Robot”. Awesome story.

‘Gosh! He is good’. Now I felt more guilty.  Guilty for not paying attention to him before. I just ignore him when he tried to talk to me.

They got home around 9.00 p.m. Haziq approached me and asked, “What do you think dad?” I said, “Wow you are good. Keep on writing.  Next time before you send the stories, let me read first”.

“Ok”, he said. Happy. I hugged him. At the same time, I felt guilty. I’m not focusing on him lately. I need to change now.  A family is everything for me. At the same time, I also want to be a writer. A lot of things I need to write. But I procrastinate.

Late night, I started to write again. After a long delay, I said to myself, I need to continue writing. I need to follow my son. Just write and write until you good. His spirit has sparked to my emotion.

Keep on going, dudes! If your son can do it, so are you. I kept writing. My first writing is the short story.

The story about a guy who has been kicked out by the landlord after failed to pay rent. He tried hard to make money. I finished about 8 pages. Asked my wife’s to read. Satisfied. Immediately I emailed to editor.

The same magazine company that my son story had been published but a different niche. Then I wait. Almost two week later, I received a good news. Editor choosed to publish it.

Now I’m writing my third short stories. Together with my 10 years old son.Who knows right? Maybe we both can become partner to write book. And all because of my 10 years old son.

image credit to Comfreak


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