​I becomes a Writer Because of My 10 Years Old Son

My 10 years old son texted me. I ignored him. Since I’m in the middle of doing something. Ok, not just doing something. I’m having a meeting. He kept texting me. I’m quite disturbed you know. I’m trying to make excuse. Lucky me.

My boss asked  us to take a break for 5 minutes. I went out and immediately read the messages.

“Hi dad, guess what? I just received cheque $30 for my short story”.

“Wow! Congratulations. Good job”, I said. Then I continued, “Hey listen, dad having a meeting here, catch up with you later. Love you”.

The news made me wonder. How he did it. I don’t know he likes to write. Now I cannot concentrate on the meeting. My mind keeps pondering. I need to go home asking him. How he did it? 

How come I didn’t notice his talent? He is the writer now. I need to go home. Then I received another message, “Ok, dad. Come home early. I want to show you. This is my third short story published”.

“What the……?”

Around 8.30 p.m, I arrived home. I open the door, went straight to my room. Nobody there. I called my wife.

“Oh! We just finished dinner. I brought Haziq to eat. Celebrating his third short stories published. He can’t wait to show you the story”.

I said, “Ok”.

After taking a bath, I went downstair. I sat on my favorite chair and start to watch television. I need a rest a bit.

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